SIMS Product Roadmap

SIMS .net Product Roadmap

Providing you with information about updates in the SIMS7 suite of software. Updated to reflect the recent Summer 2019 release.


What are we hoping to provide with this Product Roadmap?

Previously the only accurate document which outlined the changes in a release would be the release note or updates to the handbooks.  This method does not provide to customers a longer insight to future planned work beyond the current release.  The plan here is to have one notification where the detail provided is clear and well understood.

What do the headings mean?

We are using the following headings and this is our definition:

Delivered Recently: Themes of work or features that have been delivered in a recent release.
In Development: Work that is currently underway and will be delivered in the next release of the software
Researching: Themes of work which we are looking into, this does not mean that it will developed, it might be that after investigations, the features are not viable or required at the current time.

Area Delivered Recently (Summer 2019) In Development (Autumn 2019) Researching


  • Updates to support Statutory Returns during the Autumn 2019 Term
  • Update to introduce CTF 19 Specification
  • Changes to support the DENI Return in Northern Ireland
  • Updates to Exams Organiser and SIMS to support the main Summer result season
  • FMS links to the MTD portal
  • Introduction of the fist set of changes for Pupil Learning Plans for Northern Ireland
  • Updates to support the Catholic Education Census
  • Updates to support the Independent Schools Census
  • Changes to the PLASC Return for Wales
  • Changes to School Census for the Spring 2020 Term
  • Updates to the Welsh School Workforce Census
  • Engaging with the DfE’s project “Send data to the DfE”
  • Update to Statutory Assessment Resources for EYFSP, FSP, KS1 and KS2
  • Welsh changes for SEN

Change Requests

  • Description Visual Impairment updated to Vision Impairment
  • Screen layout and tidy in various achievement and behaviour screens
  • Full Name merge tag added to Assessment, Attendance and Profile reports
  • Enhance the way modify address works
  • Medical condition in group filters
  • Cover note visible in staff absence screen
  • New column in the Welsh Programme of Study Data Entry Grids
  • Update to SEN Screen Label
  • Report Browse shows report statistics
  • Exams Entry report update
  • Change to fix how the communication link works in the Student Record
  • Take Register enhancements including:
    • Sort Order
    • Inclusion of a UDF
    • Middle Name
  • Technical investigations to support:
    • Server 2019
    • Office 2019
    • Enhance SQL2016 native performance


  • Warning/Confirmation messages in Nova-T6 on some potentially “destructive” actions

Options Online*

  • Test classes in different block feature
  • Flexibility when importing Option choice into SIMS
  • Ability to allow parents to make choice on behalf of students
  • Test students in different classes feature
  • Choice of how reserves are used added to algorithm

These features are in the process of being tested, we expect these to be available early in the autumn 2019 term.



Enhance the Welsh Programme of Study area by:

  • Provide an overall gradeset for Wales FP and KS2
  • Provide an overall Subject grade aspect and an overall Strand grade aspect to Welsh - Programme of Study
  • Link the overall Subject and overall Strand grade aspect to the overall gradeset for Wales FP and KS2
  • Display Subject Overall and Strand Overall Columns within the Welsh - Programme of Study as default
  • Include creation of an overall aspect when creating a new Subject
  • Provide customisation options for the Wales FP and KS2 overall gradeset

Enhance the English Programme of Study area by

  • Adding previous attainment
  • Consolidating subjects on some reports

*Options Online - Given this is not shipped as part of the main SIMS .net releases, the actual release dates of the features noted in this roadmap are subject to slightly different time scales.

When will this Roadmap next be updated?

It is our plan to update this at the beginning of November 2019

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